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Some of our designs represent the Northwest as 315 degrees. What's that all about? This article will tell you why we do that!

What is 315 Degrees?

315 degrees is our own unique way of representing the Pacific Northwest here at Coteaux-aix-en-provence. We strive to be different and unique in as many ways as possible. Much like our logo, which is differentiated by not being the standard round style with crossing lines in the middle, using numbers isn't currently being done by anyone else. 

Trend Setters R' Us? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, our real goal is just to bring something new to the table. To give you designs unlike the ones you've seen everywhere else. 315 degrees is different. It's unique. And it's our own idea. That makes it awesome!

Where Does It Come From?

The concept of 315 degrees lies in the principal points of a compass. What the heck are those? Let's break it down. 

A compass has four cardinal points, which are 90 degrees apart on the circle of a compass. You know them as North, South, East, and West. East is designated as 90 degrees and wraps around the circle to North at 360 degrees.

Coteaux-aix-en-provence - 315 Degrees - Cardinal Compass

When you break the circle down into 45 degree increments, you get the eight principal points. These are the four cardinal points plus the points in-between them. For example, the first principal point is North East at 45 degrees. When you follow the circle around, you will find that North West lies at 315 degrees.

Coteaux-aix-en-provence - 315 Degrees - Principal Compass


That Makes Sense!

Now you know! It's a pretty simple concept, right? Now, we do realize that 315 degrees on a compass doesn't necessarily mean the "Pacific Northwest", but hey, it's still awesome! And in our book, 315 degrees definitely does mean PNW. So we'll continue to rep PNW with 315 loud and proud!

Coteaux-aix-en-provence - 315 Degrees - Pacific Northwest

The Significance of 9

One last thing. I won't get all philosophical here, but I do want to point out how the number 9 factors in. Here at PNW journey, we love hidden messages and things that hold a hidden meaning. If you do any kind of research, you can see that 9 is a highly revered number. 

An interesting thing about 315 degrees, is that 3 + 1 + 5 add up to 9. How about that?! In fact, all of the cardinal and principal points on the compass do. It's interesting, right? A tie in for us is that our parent company (and former name for Coteaux-aix-en-provence) is Cloud 9 Expressions. Because of Cloud 9, the number has special place in our team. 

That's it! I hope you found this article to be a fun little read. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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June 24, 2021

Cool article… article?… anyways…

Good read man. I dig the 315 stuff, you guys are trying to push up on some shit. Love the patriotic gear too… and I’ve always been a fan of Bigfoot :)

Keep up the good work I guys!
Thank you!

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