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When you hear the name Pacific Northwest (PNW), do you imagine snow-capped mountains? Perhaps you think of the beautiful natural wonders that define the region. Or, you might imagine vast and untouched wilderness, rich in wildlife as the PNW is home to some of the most magnificent forests in the country. Whatever your vision is, the Pacific Northwest is as environmentally diverse as it is beautiful.

Pacific Northwest Region Map

The Pacific Northwest is a compilation of many North American areas, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, portions of Montana, California, and Alaska, and British Columbia. Commonly known as Cascadia, deriving from the word Cascades meaning 'falling water' or 'waterfalls', the Pacific Northwest is an area bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the south and spectacular mountain ranges in the north. These grandeur mountains are known to contain some of the highest peaks in the United States and Canadian regions, with Mount Hood and Mount Rainier being among the highest and most prominent. These mountains provide a favorable environment for outdoor sports and year round activities.

What to do in the Pacific Northwest

In the summer months you can enjoy water sports, outdoor activities, vacations, wildlife watching and more. From kayaking or experiencing the best whale watching in the country, to exploring a number of great beaches - ranging from popular hit spots to hidden gems.

In the Winter months, The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the best ski slopes in the country. If you are looking for a challenging ski weekend break, consider a Washington ski resort. For a quick family ski trip, head out to Mt. Adams, one of the seven world renowned ski resorts in the U.S., or check out a small alpine mountain lodge in Bellingham, Washington.

Pacific Northwest Living

Those who enjoy an outdoor adventure can find plenty of thrills in the Pacific Northwest. Consider skiing in the Olympic Mountains, or trying your hand at kayaking or mountain biking on some of the many trails around the region. The Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail near Lookout Pass on the Idaho, Montana border is an amazing 15 mile long ride. For the thrill seeker, white water rafting and sky diving in Hood Canal are also popular activities to sink your teeth into.

The Gorge at George, WA

A Pacific Northwest holiday is definitely not complete without a visit to one of its many national parks. Discover the Gorge at George, WA. Aside from being home to one of the top outdoor concert venues in the country, the Gorge boasts numerous trails ideal for walking, cycling and skiing. Alternatively, consider a Mount Rainier tour, which is best coupled with a day trip to the Space Needle where you can ride an elevator to the top and enjoy a snack while gazing at out at the ocean. Just make sure to take a walk on the rotating glass floor before you leave, if you're brave enough!

More to the PNW Than Meets the Eye

PNW Community

However beautiful and vast the landscape is, it's the people who create the beating heart of the PNW. Communities big and small, rural and urban, value the true meaning of 'community'. From sports enthusiasts, music maestros, food lovers, meditation muses, fishing fanatics… whatever it is that makes you tick, you can find it here!

Our Part of the Picture

With all that the PNW has to offer, this is why we have created a range of products that acknowledges the wonderment of the Pacific Northwest regions, the myth and the legend of Bigfoot and the array of activities that allow us to keep that strong connection to the land. Our Pacific Northwest apparel is designed for anyone who loves this beautiful region, with a range of accessories that are practical and proud of the Pacific Northwest environment. This ensures that, no matter what the terrain or climate it is, you will always be stylish comfortable to continue hiking and immersing yourself in the lush environment of the Pacific Northwest.

Giving Back

1% for the Planet Logo

PNW LIFE clothes not only represent the majestic northwest, but also prioritize the land and those community groups that are working tirelessly to maintain the beauty of the environment. As a 1% for the Planet company, a portion of our proceeds continuously helps to protect and preserve much our our natural environments, as well as to introduce nature into areas that otherwise would not have any.

In the near future, we plan to create our own not for profit conservation charity that gives back to the community and environment, so that we can all continue to benefit from the spectacular landscape and lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.

Take a look at some of our designs!

Coteaux-aix-en-provence Designs

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