CEOs To Know Interview with iHeart Media

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iHeart Media recently asked us to come in for an interview as part of their CEOs to Know podcast. Segments of the interview were aired on these six stations from 09/23 to 09/29: 
Alt 96.1, Kix 99.3, 98.9 KKZX, Kiss 98.1, 103.1 KCDA, 590 KQNT.

You can listen to the full 15 minute podcast by clicking this link, or on the website for any of those stations:

The commercial break segments can be heard here:

30 Second Clip:

60 Second Clip:

We are super honored and appreciative that they chose us as a company to watch. The people at iHeart Media are awesome and made an fantastic experience for the three of us!

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